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‘SIDA’ are two Sisters Inspired to Defeat AIDS after overcoming the tragic loss of both parents in 1992 as a result of HIV/AIDS. They are ‘Opening the Door to an Unspoken Truth’ since the discrimination associated with the epidemic in the 80’s and 90‘s forced them to hide the truth about their parents’ deaths for almost 20 years. 


This organization was founded by our Business Manager and Co-Director Liz Becerra and her sister Jessica. 

As the middle children among two other siblings, these sisters have courageously made it their mission to open up and publicly share their story of how they turned their tragedy into triumph through their achievements and success. These sisters desire to educate audiences about the continued seriousness of the epidemic, to motivate them to value life and to empower them to succeed in all aspects of life regardless of any situation.


To donate to this organization, click here: 



To read more about the sisters and their journey to educate the community about HIV/AIDS , please visit their website here:

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