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Experience the luxury of convenience with our private dance lessons and choose the day & time! Not only have you got the freedom of choice but you also get tailor made lessons to suit you level and progress each week.

Contact us today and find out more about how to fast-track your learning.

Private Lessons are for students who:


  • want to learn at a faster pace

  • have complicated/busy schedules

  • desire more one-on-one training

  • want to take their dancing to the next level

  • Competition training  

PRICING for private lessons:

With Darlin Garcia(owner)

60 minute(1 hr) lesson - $115 (1-2 people) 

Discount Private Lesson Package (6 private lessons) - $615

*Ask about rates for group private lessons! 

Please email us for pricing on group private lessons or private lessons via Skype or video.


AIM March 2019 Boot Camps and Latin Dance Social _ Art in Motion Dance and Fitness NJ _ Co

To schedule your private lesson, please email or call us:


CALL: 856-245-7170

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