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Jady DeAsis


Jady DeAsis is the director of the AIM Ladies Team. Born in the Dominican Republic to two artistic parents—father a musician and mother a party planner—Jady was sure to become a dancer and performer. She grew up dancing for the Alto de Chavon, a center of culture for the Dominican people. At the age of six, Jady moved to the US and initiated a dance team at her elementary school. At 12, she was introduced to Raíces Culturales Latinoamericanas, a visual arts organization who hosted the first Latino congress in 1991. There, Jady learned folkloric dance from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, and the Middle East, under the instruction of Mirla Otero. As she progressed, she moved on to dance with another folkloric team, Forlanco, under Loida Espry, and began teaching classes at Penn State University in 2003.

Jady’s love for Salsa on2 began when she took a class by Javier Morales at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA. Eventually progressing to partnering with Javier, the duo traveled to NYC and trained with the legend, Tomas Guerrero of the Santo Rico Dance Company.

Continuing in her Salsa career, Jady was instantly added to the Art In Motion Pro Competition Team upon a very fortuitous social dance with Darlin Garcia in 2012. Jady took home gold medals in couples Bachata divisions as well as Ladies Team Shines divisions with the AIM Ladies team under the direction of Liz Becerra. Currently training with the queen Anya (NYC), the master Darlin (Philly), and the fierce Jose (NYC), Jady’s passion to grow her craft is endless.


Interested in booking a private lesson with Jady? 

Purchase an hour lesson or full package to get in depth and hands on learning. Jady is most known for helping men with their leads in turn patterns and footwork while assisting women in technique, styling, balance and more. Jady also specializes in Mambo, Ladies Styling and Cha Cha. 



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