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How to prep your child for dance class


What should your child wear for dance class?

Dancers are required to dress and arrange themselves properly and ready for rehearsals. This includes wearing clothing that is flexible and comfortable. Listed below is the required attire for the children to use for class.

  • Comfortable fitting clothing.



  • Dance shoes will be discussed in class and you will be told what shoes your child needs. Dance shoes are required one month from the start of class. 

How to Prepare for Dance Class:

  • Speak with your child - They will be experiencing a lot of new things at once. They will be in a new environment, with new people, new teachers, new activities and more. This can be overwhelming for anyone so speak to your child and let them know what they will be doing and encourage them. 

  • Make sure they are fed before class - In dance class, we move around a lot and burn a lot of energy so make sure that your child is well fed and ready to go. We sell waters and other beverages at the studio so if you would like to purchase any for your child you can. 

  • Complete the registration form ahead of time - Complete our Kids Registration Form and bring it with you to class. This will allow the process to run smoother for everyone.

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to each class Arriving late adds anxiety to your child and puts them behind the other students. Starting the class at the same time as everyone else makes things easier for your child and allows them to feel part of a team. Make time to find parking and get situated well before the class begins.

What should the parents know?

  • In order to best teach the children, we believe that they cannot be distracted in any way. In order to be productive we will not allow parents to sit in and watch. Parents are also asked to refrain from disciplining their child during class. Once the lesson begins, the teachers are in charge of maintaining orderly conduct. The parents are welcome to stay in the studio if they wish or they can leave and return once the class is over.

  • Let your child know ahead of time that you will not be in class or watching them. That way they can be mentally prepared and can be ready to focus.

What should you expect from the dance classes?

  • Your child will be exposed to many new, fun and exciting things. 

  • They will learn discipline and team work.

  • They will be very active and moving, understanding their bodies, music and movement. 

  • Expect your child to be frustrated at times. That's normal. Always remember to encourage them and tell them how great they are doing. 

  • The overall goal for everyone is to get the children on stage and performing the fun routine that their instructors taught them. Believe in your child, believe in us and trust the process. We will do our best to make this a wonderful experience for everyone.


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