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Desire Torres

Desire E. Torres was born & raised in Philadelphia, PA. She has 19 years of hip hop dance experience under her belt. At two years of age Desire began her dance training in ballet and jazz at Joanna’s dance studio in south Philadelphia. When she turned thirteen she gained a love for hip-hop and after a few years of hip hop training she decided to audition for an all female Hip Hop company by the name of Flomotion. After becoming a member of Flo she went on to co-choreograph for their Jr. dance Company, Flo 2. Desire has taught/choreographed at various dance studios within the tri-State area. In 2006 she created her very own Jr. dance Company called Nyce Stylez. Her resume also includes co-creating Beat Addikts United, & Clutch Jr.’s, as well as being the assistant coach for Padua Dance Team for seasons 09’-10’ & 11’-12’. She will begin teaching hip hop dance at Art in motion dance & fitness in January 2019. Desire continues to spread her love for dance & hip hop wherever she goes! She prides herself on bringing positivity and encouragement to the underdogs.

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