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Arianna Laya


Arianna’s love for dance and journey began at a very young age and and continues till this day. Her dance career began at the age of 4, with jazz. From there it expanded to other genres of dance such as salsa, bachata, ballet, hip-hop, and some traditional Venezuelan folk dances. Arianna’s dance career started to grow when she joined Estilo Dance Studio as a student at 9 years old. At 12 years old, she became an Assistant Instructor for the adult and kids dance programs. At 14, she competed at her first competition at the World Salsa Summit in Miami, FL. There she competed and won first place in the Pro-Amateur Salsa Newcomer category. She has traveled to and performed in multiple salsa congresses, in various cities within the United States, as well as in the Dominican Republic. 


In 2014, she started in a trio group called A.K.A directed by Raul Santiago Jr., Madeline Montalvo, and Homi Malave. While in the group she was juggling school, teaching choreography for dance performance classes, and taking dance lessons as well. She's performed with dance teams at the 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia, PA from 2015-2018, which appeared on live television. In 2015, she and Homi Malave, partnered up as a dance duo for a fundraiser. They continued on to perform at several gigs, competitions, and ultimately teaching together at Estilo Dance Studio. By the age of 18, she was promoted to Lead Dance Instructor of the adult and kids dance programs at Estilo. 


In March of 2019, she decided to audition for a dance team in New York, NY called Zuberi Ladies. A semi-professional dance team directed by 12 time World Champion, Delia Madera. After one month of being on Zuberi, she was invited to join Delia’s co-ed team, Rumbaya. Arianna was given the opportunity to perform in NY with these teams and travel to the Dominican Republic on a dance cruise.


After a brief hiatus, Arianna was invited as an instructor at the dance studio, Art in Motion, where she will be teaching salsa in the kids program, as her dance career continues.


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