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We believe that all individuals have the right to experience the joys and benefits of dance! We are an all-inclusive studio, and strive to provide an inclusive environment for our students. To help serve some of our students better we offer a class called "Limitless" on Saturday afternoons. This is a FREE class specifically for individuals with special needs. Through guidance and lots of attention in the class, the dancers will learn dance technique, coordination, and all the coolest dance moves.  It is a chance for the dancers to feel accepted all while having fun, building confidence, strength, and forming meaningful relationships with their fellow dancers and their teachers.  Family members are encouraged to participate!!

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**Please note: If you wish to have your dancer participate in the Showcase, you must sign up by Saturday April 9th, 2022 and attend all classes (if possible!). All other dancers are still welcome to participate in class, even if not participating in the Showcase! 

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