Alisha Negron

Alisha began her Zumba journey while living in San Francisco. The journey began with a girl with a broken heart that bloomed into a beautiful flower. She was going through a really hard time and lost her glow. Alisha used to be the girl that loved to dance but her light diminished due to allowing anxiety and depression to take over. She will never forget the day she went to the Golden Gate Park and heard Spanish music, and gravitated toward it. As she approached the music, she saw a group of people dancing with huge smiles on their face as she felt their positive energy.  At first, she was afraid to join the class but the instructor waved her over! That day completely changed her life for the better. She felt her light shining again. Shortly after that experience, she received her certification and began teaching at the Golden Gate Park.

Alisha's goal as a Zumba instructor is to bring positive light to each student!


"You never know what that person is going through and it's important to support one another. Zumba allows for me to connect with people while helping them heal. I'm beyond grateful to be able to inspire people and to help them feel beautiful inside and out!" 



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